A Night to Howl with Alice Cooper Pt. II

I waited about an hour for him to come out of the bathroom and when he did my jaw dropped. He had on 6 inch stiletto’s and fish net stockings. A black leather mini skirt and a purple tube top. He had straightened his curly hair (which was long already) and now his locks were way past his shoulders. He had on heavy makeup and glitter eyelashes, but to my amazement he looked fantastic. Needless to say he was “da ho”.

We took the Long Island Railroad into NYC. I still wasn’t sure where we were headed. But, we hopped a subway and took it to midtown getting off by 52nd street. As we approached the ever popular Roseland Ballroom I looked at the marquee and saw our venue, it was Alice Cooper preforming for Halloween. The concert was amazing. Alice changed his outfit quite a few times. He sang old favorites and some more recent songs but the highlight was the t-shirt he preformed in at the end. As big as could be on the front it read “BRITTANY WANTS ME”

That Halloween in the year 2000 right in the middle of NYC was the best I have ever had. I have yet to top it and don’t think I ever will.

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