American Girl in Manhattan

My daughter and I had a magical day in New York last winter.  We started with a trip to Santa at Macy’s, saw the Christmas windows and had a coffee (for me) and a cupcake (for my eight year old) across the street from Rockefeller Plaza.  It was your stereotypical day in New York and I was glad that we hit all the points.  But, the highlight of the day was an unexpected find.  I did not realize (or, frankly care) about there being an American Girl Store in midtown.  But, right after the cupcake store, we ran across it on the walk back to our dinner date with Jane’s Dad. The day turned out fantastic.  I recommend doing this store as part of a day with other events.  But, it almost worked as a destination in and of itself.  They do have a restaurant there, but we never made it that far in.  And, next time, we will bring Jane’s doll and get her hair done at the hair salon.  We weren’t really prepared for this trip to American Girl Central.  But, Jane was able to see all of the parts that we had only seen in catalogs all of the furniture and accessories and really was excited to see the dolls and the high quality accessories that these dolls are really known for.  And, she had a fantastic time being the expert and filling her mom in on all of the stories for all of the dolls. It was the Mom and Daughter day that I had been wanting.  We will definitely do it again.  But we’ll do some research before hand to plan out our experience.  As much as I loved the American Girl store, I will mix in other activities as well.  It can be overwhelming having all the branding present throughout.  I think I will put the American Girl visit at the beginning and end with tea at someplace else.

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