Shopping in New York

I remember my stay in New York City, while completing my degree course. The memories are still fresh and unforgettable. It was one of the best times of my life. New York City is full of life and one gets to live and experience it very well. The best thing about being in New York is the fact that one gets to eat some wonderful foods as well as shop. New York is one of the best shopping destinations where one gets to have full hand on shopping some good stuff.
Throughout my stay, all evenings and weekends we would enjoy being on a shopping spree, right on the streets as well as in the luxurious and lovely shopping malls all over the city. One mall that I would enjoy shopping was the Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall, which has some good brand stores located in it. One can find brands like Foot Locker, JC Penny, Banana Republic and many more here in this mall. The best part is the presence of some good food courts and a multiplex theatre, which offers you a lovely much deserved break and then you can continue shopping.
Shopping on the streets of New York is also one great experience. One can find some good Discount stores right here in New York. The best place to visit is the Century 21, in Manhattan, which is also referred as the Mother of all Discount stores. They provide you with best discount offers, than one could ever imagine.  We would go mad, looking at the varied offers and would be in a total fix on what to buy, as everything offered was really tempting.

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