Why I love the NYC Subway

The NYC subway system is busiest at peak hours (before and after work), silent at the off hours…The smell of popcorn and hot dogs will overwhelm you when you enter certain stations. I always grab a popcorn when I am there (okay, so I’m always tempted but I don’t always buy some). Most of the subways of New York are really well maintained. Some of the trains are brightly lit on the inside, it makes you feel better somehow. The trains run pretty frequently and connect almost all of NY, so it’s amazingly easy to get around.

When you visit the city after staying outside, you’ll obiviously be completely aware of the busy city life. People rush to trains with breakfast in hand. At times I find old people rushing this way and that way, and I wonder how they stay so active. You’ll see people from all over the world, working in the busiest city, taking these subways …if you just turn around and look, you may wonder how, in crowd of 10  or 20 people, you can find at least 10 different nationalites!

New York is a wonderful city to live, and a great place to visit. All hail NYC public transportation.

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