YES, WE CAN SOLVE THE HOMELESS ANIMAL PROBLEM! The Center for Animal Care and Control is New York City�s sole non-profit organization responsible for the care and rescue of the city�s entire homeless and abandoned animal population. The solution to the homeless animal problem is within our grasp if we , as humans, private citizens and animal welfare workers alike, team up to act responsibly and follow some simple guidelines with regard to animals:

 Have All Pets Spayed and Neutered!...This is the most effective way to solve the pet overpopulation problem. In fact, it provides certain health benefits to the animal, such as reducing the risk of male and female hormonal diseases and som e forms of cancer. It�s a myth that an animal will be "adversely affected" by neutering and should have one litter for "health reasons." This is a recipe for tragedy when unwanted puppies and kittens can�t be placed.

 Adopt, Don�t Buy!...When you purchase a dog or cat from a pet shop, it increases the demand for the living products of dismal puppy mills or catteries, some of which are factories of cruelty. When you adopt from a shelter, you save a life!

 Remember, Pets Are Good for your Health...Studies show that living with a pet improves people�s lives...pets reduce stress, provide love and caring, offer companionship, alleviate depression, teach responsibility...and it�s fun to have a p et!

 Support Intro 321...a measure introduced in the New York City Council that will help restrict breeding, and therefore reduce the number of unwanted animals that have to be destroyed each year.

 Encourage adopt rather than buy, to have pets spayed and neutered, and to make sure pets are vaccinated and health-checked. Talk to children about the importance of responsible love. Sometimes children hear the message better than do adults.

 And yet...despite the availability of these simple, effective measures, thousands of dogs and cats are being destroyed in shelters each year. Why? Because some people still refuse to accept their responsibility to the animals...are too lazy, busy , inconsiderate to take their pet�s needs seriously. Some think "just one more litter" won�t make any difference in the scheme of things.

 Any positive action you take will make a difference. If we spay and neuter just two pets, we�ll reduce the animal population by 68,000 in six years. That�s 68,000 fewer animals which may have to be destroyed because there are no loving hom es for them. The solution is in our hands. Let�s all do the right thing.


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