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CACC began operations on January 1, 1995, as the organization responsible for the care of New York City�s entire homeless and abandoned animal population. The Center is committed to providing the most humane care possible for the many animals that are bro ught into our shelters each day. Our goal is to work with the citizens of New York City, area shelters and humane organizations to reduce the number of homeless and abandoned animals through increased adoption, spay/neuter programs, and by heightening pub lic awareness about the responsibility of having an animal companion.

The Center for Animal Care and Control has shelters in each of New York City�s five boroughs. For more information, please call 1-(888) SPAY - NYC.

ATTENTION PRODUCERS/ASSIGNMENT EDITORS: The Center for Animal Care and Control can help you produce an adoption segment for your newspaper or tv/radio show. We can, on very short notice, provide an expert spokesperson and adorable adoptable dogs and cats to appear on a tv segment, be interviewed on radio, or to be photographed in the press. This gives you an interesting, widely appealing story, and it helps CACC save the lives of countless animals.

Let�s work together to help the animals!

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