Myself, Rick James and Allyson

When I first started out as a makeup artist, I met up with Rick James. At the time this photo was taken he was at the height of his career. I remember him being a unique soul. He and his entourage welcomed us and made us feel comfortable. Despite his circumstances at the moment, I donít think weíve heard the last from RJ. Did you know that RJ actually played with Neil Young at one time?

Myself and Phil Collins

No doubt in my mind ... the all time loveliest man on earth. He is classy, charming and a person you immediately feel comfortable with. The first thing you sense about Phil is that he really likes people. It was my pleasure to have met him.

Myself and Pete Townshend

My sister and I grew up listening to The Who, Cream, Hendrix, etc., and music became a very important part of our lives. Pete Townshend soon became my musical hero at a very early age. This manís music has made me cry at times. When I met him through working on his PsychoDerelict tour, it was a personal triumph for me. I saw him work up close and personal, and lived in his rock-n-roll world for a while. He is an awe-inspiring, ultra professional and is my favorite artist on planet Earth.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is a very special person. I met Daryl Hannah initially when I worked on the film, "The Pope of Greenwich Village". She was kind of shy, but I distinctly remember the way she went out of her way to make ME feel comfortable. Iíve seen a lot of actors become stressful while working on films, but if Daryl felt that way, it never showed. Daryl is a rare bird and will always remain one of my favorite people.

Marcus Schenkenberg and Me

Certain people have the impression that some models are haughty and arrogant. Itís nice to know that some successful models are as down-to-earth as you can get... namely, Marcus Schenkenberg, the top male model in the world. Marcus has everything in spades... he is a virtual feast for the eyes, heís funny, personable, caring and very cool. Marcus wherever you are -- come back to NYC!

Susan Gallagher

Again, when people extend themselves to others, just because they want to be nice -- that sort of gesture registers with me in a big way. Susan, a model with Ford, has a huge body of work behind her. She is one of the nicest women I have met over the course of my work and I wanted to include her in my list of favorite people.

Mickey Rourke

The last time I saw Mickey Rourke was at a huge birthday bash for his friend Johnny Depp, held in NYC. When I worked with him in the past, for film, I was speechless while watching his acting technique (and so was the entire crew). This man is one focused, intense actor. Again, I appreciate uniqueness and this man is just that. I think MR is a genius of an actor and a person I feel inspired by.

Mystery Woman - Youíll have to leave me an e-mail to find out about her.

There...Iíve done it and I feel good about it. Just paying homage in my small way to a group of
very good human beings.
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