NYC Neighborhoods

* Inwood and Washington Heights - This area covers Manhattan north of about West 151st St. These sections have been
...racially and ethnically diverse for generations. Yeshiva University, the Dyckman Farmhouse, the Cloisters, Columbia -
...Presbyterian Hospital, and Audubon Terrace are all in this area, as is the entrance to the George Washington Bridge.
* Harlem - there are actually two sections, Harlem Proper and Spanish Harlem. Spanish Harlem begins at East 96th St.
...and goes to the northern tip. This area is mainly Latino. Harlem begins at West 110th St. and then extends both north
...and west at the famous 125th. The area is mainly African-American, and the historic neighborhood is known around the as a center of African-American music,politics, and culture. This area houses the famous Le Marqueta whcih is one
...of the top places in New York City to purchase fruits and vegetables and is the oldest standing public market.
* Morningside Heights - This small area runs between Morningside Dr. and the Hudson River from W.110th St. north to W.
...124th St. The area is home to three large and well known institutions: Columbia University,Riverside Church, and the
...Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. Broadway houses this area's main shopping attractions.
* Upper West Side - A residential area extending west of Central Park to the Hudson River from W. 59th St. all the way
...north to W.110th St.,Broadway is lined with many stores including a huge Barnes & Noble, Filenes's Basement, as well as
...many boutiques while the rest are mainly residential.
* SoHo - Discovered by artists looking for inexpensive space in the 60's, it's now a trendy and energetic neighborhood
...known for it's galleries, lofts, performance spaces, and hip cafes. It begins several blocks south of Washington Square
...Park on W. Houston, and runs south to Canal St. between Broadway and 6th Ave. SoHo is always a happening spot at
...night. Almost everything down here stays open later than similar establishments in the rest of the city.
* Clinton - This area stretches south from W. 59th St. to W. 34th St. between 8th Ave. and the Hudson River. The Jacob
...K. Javits Convention Center and many very good off-Broadway theaters are located in this area.
* Murray Hill - Covering the area between E. 42nd St. south to E. 34th St., Murray Hill begins at Park Ave. to the East
...River. This area is mainly residential, the only real attraction for a visitor here is the Pierpont Morgan Library.
* Chelsea - This area extends from W. 34th St. to W. 14th St. from 6th Ave. west to the Hudson River. Madison Square
...Garden, Penn Station,and the city's main post office are all in the northeast corner of Chelsea.Such superstores as Bed,
...Bath, and Beyond and Barnes & Noble, The original Barney's, a clothing store that men and women in New York both
...swear by, is also in the southern part of Chelsea, as are a number of restaurants and night spots.
* Flatiron East - The Flatiron district runs between Park Ave. S. and 6th Ave.,from 23rd St. south to 14th St. This area was
...known in the late 19th century as Ladies' Mile for it's elegant department stores.
* Gramercy Park - This is the area between Park Ave. S. to 2nd Ave. and from E.34th St. south to E 14th St. The park is
...located between Park Ave. S. and 3rd St.,and E. 20th St. and E. 21st St. The Flatiron district and the Gramercy Park area up at Union Square, a lively area that serves to divide them from Greenwich village and is home to the city's largest
...and most popular Greenmarket.
* East Village - It lies between Ave. B and Broadway from E. 14th St. south to E. Houston St Alphabet City and Tompkins
...Square are calmer than they were in the 80's, but you can still find a variety of offbeat nightclubs. Shopping in this area is
...a complicated task due to the proximity of NYU many stores cater to the student's adventurous tastes.
* Greenwich Village - Although Greenwich Village is best known today for the beatniks and jazz clubs of the 50's, Edgar
...Allen Poe, Walt Whitman, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Frederic Church, and Edward Hopper all lived here at one time.
...Greenwich Village covers the area from Broadway west to the Hudson River, from W. 14th St. south to W. Houston. and
... lots of interesting shops and nightclubs are here.
* Tribeca - Tribeca is a hip spot as well, it covers the area from Canal St. south to Chambers St., from Broadway west to
...the Hudson River. You'll find many up and coming and established artists, commercial galleries,converted loft,a couple of movie stars, and some good restaurants.
* Chinatown - This neighborhoods 150,000 residents make up the largest concentration of Chinese outside of Asia. The
...general area is from Grand St. south to Worth St. , between Broadway and Allen St. It's busiest streets are Canal, Mott,
...and Pell. Look for all sorts of wonderful food stores down here.
* Little Italy - This area is the heart of the entire region's Italian- American population. Mulberry St. between Canal and
...Prince St. is the center of Little Italy and is known for its restaurants and frequent festivals.
* Battery Park City - This is a new residential area on the western side of Manhattan's southern tip.The World Financial
...Center is located here.
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