NYC Shopping Districts

* Antiquarian Books - The area on and around W. 18th and W. 19th St. between 5th and 6th Ave. has become a Mecca
...for folks hunting for used and out of print books. While the Strand bookstore a little further south remains the grand
...father of all used bookstores, this neighborhood now boasts scores of small and not-so-small shops and stores where can find just about any book imaginable. The Barnes & Noble Sales Annex, Academy Book Store, and the
...Metropolitan Book Auction are just a few places to look.
* Antiques - If you are looking for really elegant pieces and money is not a concern, try some of these galleries. Place
...des Antiquaries on 135 E. 57th St., between Park and Lexington Ave., and in the tri-level Manhattan Art & Antiques
...Center at 2nd Ave. and E. 50th St.. You will also find many varying shops on Broadway south of Union Square, in
...Greenwich Village, and throughout the Upper East side, and the South Bronx.
* Diamonds - This is the epitome of a New York shopping district and one of those places that you have to see to
...believe. Concentrated on W. 47th St. between 5th and 6th Ave., the diamond district glitters with great deals on and other jewelry.Fabric, Beads, and Trimming-This area is in the upper West 30's and lower West 40's,
...between 6th and 7th Ave. In addition to every imaginable kind of fabric, bead, and trimming, you'll find hats, feathers,
...buckles, and bangles here. You can also find a couple of good fabric stores in the Lower East Side and on broadway
...between Leonard and Broome streets.
* Fish - The Fulton Fish Market continues to thrive as the city's source of fresh fish and seafood. 125 million pounds of
...seafood are sold here annually. The market operates between midnight and 8 a. m. in the South Street Seaport at the
...eastern end of Fulton St., just above the financial district.
* Flowers-The area between W. 26th and W.30th St. and 6th and 7th Ave. remains the place to get the best possible
...prices on flowers and plants. Planters , soil, and other supplies also are sold in this area.
* Fur - Go to the wholesale district between W. 27th and 30th streets on and around 7th Ave. if you want some great
...buys. As with diamonds and Oriental rugs, be careful. If there are any questions, you can call the American Fur Industry (212)564-5133
* Furniture - There are warehouses and showrooms located on Lexington Ave. between E. 29th and E. 33rd St., but the
...public is not welcome at most of them. Another good spot is North Carolina Furniture Showroom, which is located at 5th
...Ave. and 21st St., the public is more than welcome here.
* Handbags - The area in the high 20's and 30's off 5th Ave. has a wide selection of good handbag stores. The Lower
...East Side also has a couple of stores with good discounts on fine leather and other handbags.
* International Food - If variety is what your looking for than 9th Ave. between the high 30' and the low 40's is the place!
...Whether your looking for fresh Italian bread, West African cassavas, or West Indian spices, this is a great place to look.
...The 9th Ave. International Food Festival is held here on the third weekend in May.
* Kitchen Appliances, Lighting, and Restaurant Supplies - "Restaurant Row" runs on and around Bowery Ave. from
...Chatham Square in Chinatown to Cooper Square at E. 7th St.. There are also stores around 1st and 2nd Ave. in the high
...E. 50's and low E. 60's. You can find virtually any thing you want.
* Men's Discount Clothing - For good deals look in the Flatiron district on and around 5th Ave. between 18th and 21st St..
...There usually are people passing out flyers for them.
* Perfumes and Cologne - There are many stores around E. 17th St. between Broadway and 5th Ave. You will find many around here, and be sure to try Jay's Perfume Bar.
* Rugs - If your not an expert, be careful. To be on the safe side,try the ABC Carpet outlet in the Bronx. Or try the the
...furnishing department of Bloomingdale's. If you think you know what your doing, look in the warehouse district at the
...west end of W. 12th St., and in the high E. 20's and low E. 30's between 5th and Park Ave. South.
* Thrift Shops - There are many offbeat thrift shops in the East Village. If your looking for something more upscale, try
...Madison Ave. in the E. 80's and the Yorkville Section of the Upper East Side.
* Women's Discount Clothing - Most of the nice discount women's clothing stores are on Orchard St. in the Lower East
...Side, from E. Houston south to Grand St.. Another spot is W. 8th St. between 5th and 6th Ave. for women's shoes.
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