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It's officially 2009 and one of the first things I want to do is 
thank you for being part of this list. Sincerely, I'm honored you
read my emails and I'm proud that I have a list of motivated 
individuals who:

-- want to work
-- want to earn money, 
-- and want to attract opportunity into their lives

I particularly want to thank those of you who share your success
stories with me...about how you found a job through our notices or
simply that you found a job period! 

For 2009...Please stay in touch and let me know how things are going
with your temp jobs (good and bad, although I wish you much good 
this New Year).

To help you start the year off right, I want to share two resources
with you that I hope will help you in your job search and help in 
setting priorities.

First, my friend Liz Lynch was recently featured on ABC News where
she spoke about networking your way to a job. Liz points out that
many people who think they don't have a network are mistaken.

Take 5 short minutes to watch this video and take away some key tips 
for networking in an economic downturn in order to emerge stronger 
than before.

If Liz's video leaves you yearning for more, check out her book
on Amazon:

Next...Have you seen The Last Lecture? If not, definitely watch it.
And if so, I believe it's worth watching again. In the Last Lecture,
a university professor talks about achieving his childhood goals.
At the time Professor Pausch gave his talk, he knew he only had
three months to live. This is *not* fiction. This is the parting
gift of an inspirational man with a lot to share. Enjoy!

To your success and health in 2009!

Yours truly,