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Before getting to the temp job listings below, I want to share two surprises with
you - one good and one bad.

We've been putting out this newsletter - the only insider's guide to
temp jobs in NYC - for about two weeks now, and we're getting a tremendous
response. I expected the newsletter to grow, but not quite this quickly. 

So that's a good surprise. Now for the bad...

I'm learning that a lot of people on this list don't have up-to-date resumes written and some that
do, are too embarrassed to send them out. If that's you, here are four tips to break free of
procrastination and get this critical step done. 

If you have a great resume already, you can skip these tips and scroll down to the
temp job listings below.

Four Resume Tips

1 - If you have a resume, spend 10 minutes right now reading it and listing out the
top three things you want to change about the resume. 

If you don't have a resume, open a blank Word doc, put your name and address at
the top (centered) and simply list your last few jobs (title and company name). Or if
you're a student, list your school names and degrees.

That's it. I'm not asking you to do anything more. If you feel inspired from there, great.
Otherwise you've still taken action and gotten yourself pushed another step forward.

2 - A poorly written or outdated resume can kill your chances of getting a job. 
However, nothing's going to hurt your chances more than not applying for the job at all.
Even if your resume is absolutely terrible, if you can't bring yourself to fix it, use it to
apply for the job and commit to yourself that before every job application, you'll
spend five or ten minutes fixing your resume up a little bit. You'll be surprised how
quickly that improves your resume. Apply to 5 positions, and your resume
goes through 5 iterations of improvement.

3 - Be realistic. The purpose of your resume is simply to get an interview. It has
to be good in order to do that, but don't give it more power than it deserves. No one
will hire you based on your resume alone.  It should be 100% accurate, but doesn't
need to be 100% perfect. Focus on getting it good enough to get you the interview. 
Striving for perfection simply fuels more procrastination.

4 - Get professional help. If you're still stuck after applying the above tips, consider
a resume writing service. We've heard good things about ResumeEdge. They have
various resume writing services and if you spend more than $150, you can use
a coupon they sent to our staff.

The coupon code is REJULY.  The offer ends soon (July 18), but you're better off taking care of this
sooner rather than later anyway.
Here's the link: ResumeEdge.

Administrative Assistants

Executive Assistant to CEO
The Executive Assistant provides-high level administrative support for CEO in
New York office.
Location: New York
Compensation: TBD
Temp to Perm? YES
Special Qualifications: 2-5 years relevant work experience

Executive Assistant
Marketing/Entertainment company is seeking administrative professional to support
senior executive in consumer marketing division.
Location: Midtown
Compensation: TBD
Temp to Perm? YES
Special Qualifications: Bachelors degree, 5+ years experience supporting executives,
marketing experience a plus

High Level Temp Executive Assistant
Wealth management firm looking to hire executive assistant for senior staff
Location: Midtown
Compensation: $25/hr
Temp to Perm? Doesn't say
Special Qualifications: None listed

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Office Assistant for Music Company
Musika - Music Teacher Organization is among the leading music lessons providers in
the nation.
Location: SoHo
Compensation: $10/hr from office $8/hr from home
Temp to Perm? Doesn't say
Special Qualifications: 5-10yrs playing an instrument, teaching/performance
background is a plus

Executive Assistant to CTO
CTO of an Investment Management Firm is seeking a right-arm Executive Assistant.
Location: Midtown
Compensation: $70-75K
Temp to Perm? YES
Hours: 8am to 6pm
Special Qualifications: Finance experience preferred

Global Firm Seeks Executive Assistant
Leading Executive Search firm is looking for an exemplary Executive Assistant to
provide support to a senior executive.
Location: Midtown
Compensation: $70k
Temp to Perm? YES
Special Qualifications: None listed

Accounting / Finance

Large Non Profit Organization in Need of Payroll Manager

A large non profit in the NYC area is seeking a payroll manager.
Location: New York
Compensation: TBD
Temp to Perm? YES
Special Qualifications: None Listed

Senior Accountant
A private NYC equity fund is currently seeking a long term contract senior accountant.
Compensation: 70K
Temp to Perm? YES
Special Qualifications: Accounting degree, 3-5 years experience

Human Resources

Hr Generalist for Non-Profit
Youth-oriented not-for-profit seeks HR consultant for a short-term temp generalist
Location: Midtown West
Compensation: $40-45/hr
Temp to Perm? NO
Length: 3 Months
Special Qualifications: 2yrs of HR experience, not-for-profit experience preferred

Hr/Pension Administrator
We are seeking and experienced HR/Pension Administrator for a long-term consulting
position with a prestigious university in NYC.
Location: 110 East 42nd St
Compensation: $20-25/hr
Temp to Perm? NO
Start Date: Immediately
Special Qualifications: 2yrs experience with data management/human resources

Information Technology

HTML Website Coordinator
International Publisher seeks an HTML Website Coordinator for an exciting and
immediate long term temp opportunity.
Location: Tribeca
Compensation: $18/hr
Temp to Perm? NO
Special Qualifications: 1-2 yrs Hand coding HTML, Knowledge of CSS

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Technical Support

High Profile Financial Firm seeks Technical Support Analyst.
Location: New York
Compensation: $25-27/hr
Temp to Perm? YES
Start Date: Immediately
Length: 3-6 months
Hours: 7am - 3pm
Special Qualifications: 1-2 years relevant work experience

How's the job hunt hoing? What's getting you ahead? What's holding you back?
I'd love to hear your feedback on our newsletter and about your experiences temping
in New York. Simply hit reply and tell me what's on your mind.

Happy Job Hunting!
Bill and the Team

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P.P.S. A few of this week's jobs require accounts. If you haven't already, here's the link to post your resume.