Our Animal Shelter Service

If you are able to provide a loving home for an animal, we encourage you to come to one of our shelters to adopt. We have instituted the revolutionary program of spay/neuter at adoption, which will greatly help to reduce animal overpopulation in New Yo rk City. The following is a brief listing of our shelter services:

  • Provide free medical care, food, and shelter to New York City�s stray, homeless, and abandoned animals.
  • Make every effort to adopt all healthy or treatable animals in our care.
  • Provide adoption counseling and information on responsible pet ownership and pet care, including spaying and neutering.
  • Work with animal rescue groups to effect additional adoptions.
  • Provide a lost and found system to reunite lost pets with their owners.

The Center has started microchipping all adopted animals from its shelters. This new detection system was donated by the American Identification Devices (AVID). With the help a hand held scanner, an encoded identification number identifies the owner. F rom there, a simple phone call reunites the lost animal with his or her family.


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