Cari Paige, one of New York’s leading fashion and set stylists has worked for some of our best rock-n-roll artists such as Pete Townshend, actresses including Daryl Hannah, and the world’s most desirable fashion models.

Cari began her career 10 years ago as a makeup artist and worked on movies, television, soap operas and fashion shows.

Due to her success and skill in makeup, fashion and set styling, Cari was soon asked to design for major Broadway shows, rock-n-roll tours, and videos. When asked to design the fashion styling for Pete Townshend’s theatrical concert, "PsychoDerelict", Cari accepted with open arms.

Cari brings life to everything she touches through dressing her subjects and designs sets in awe inspiring detail. She has worked on a myriad of projects which use all of her unusual talents.

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