Floss Holders - What You Should Know About Them

     In discussing floss holders, it is important to place them in context of the flossing guidelines issued by both the American Dental Association and the American Dental Hygienists Association. Those guidelines highlight the two most important aspects of flossing: wrapping the floss around the tooth and using a new section of floss for each contact. Wrapping allows the floss to go below the gumline, to remove plaque in areas that a toothbrush doesn't reach. Using a new section of floss allows the plaque to be removed. If the same section is used, the bacteria is redistributed to other areas.

     Currently, there are only two options for floss holders. The first is the standard 'Y' shaped, slingshot, forked pronged type, having two fixed points and the floss strung taut between the struts. The second, flossAwl, is a new, patented design having a single independent point.

     The standard floss holder is Y' shaped and looks like a slingshot or forked prong device, where the floss is strung taut between the two prongs (there are many variations, see photograph above). This feature limits the effectiveness of this type of tool, as the floss cannot wrap around or conform to the tooth. The 'taut' floss can cut the gumline in the front and back of the tooth where it rises. It is rigid and lacks control allowing the prongs to jab the surrounding area. It is cumbersome to 'advance' soiled floss and cannot be used with bridges.

     flossAwl, the new award winning design, is totally unique, and works with your hands, replacing the bulk of one hand with a slender shaft, allowing easier access to the rear of the mouth. It looks like a tooth brush without bristles and is just as easy to use. flossAwl, in accordance with ADA and ADHA guidelines, allows the floss to conform to the tooth and advances soiled floss easily.

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