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Don’t Jump The Turnstile

If you jump the NYC subway turnstile or scoot through the emergency exit, think again. The NY State Senate just passed a bill to fine you $500 for trying to save on the $2.25 fare. The current fine is $100.

If the NY State Assembly passes the bill, then it’s the law.

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NYC Parking App

Tired of driving around NYC for street parking? It might get easier, with NYC testing out sensors that will tell you — on your smartphone — if a NYC street parking space is vacant or available. Right now, the test is happening at 177 street parking spaces at E 187th St & Belmont in the Bronx. The test is to see if these street sensors can withstand a NYC winter of snow and street cleaners. If that goes well, then NYC plans to implement a full test.

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NYC Traffic Information

New York City and traffic … They’re virtually synonymous! If you drive in the city, then you most likely spend a fair amount of time stuck in traffic. Sure, you could do all your driving at 3 a.m. to totally avoid getting caught in delays, or you can just do these simple things you can do to help avoid NYC traffic.

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