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The Center for Animal Care and Control invites you to join us for:

We need you to help us find a loving home for every animal in our shelter! Come celebrate with us and find the pet of your dreams! Join us for two days filled with celebrities, music, prizes, raffles and lots of surprises!

It all takes place Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 4th, from 9:30 a.m. to ? at: The Center for Animal Care and Control, Inc. Manhattan Shelter 326 East 110th Street New York, NY 10029 For borough-wide locations, call: 1-(888) SPAY-NYC. Visit our shelters in each of the five boroughs! For information on Adoptathon �97, call (212) 442-2073. Staten Island Grant Ups Adoptions

A rise in adoptions at the Staten Island shelter is being credited to a $35,000 grant from Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari. CACC officials say the funds have enabled The Center for Animal Care and Control to add workers and increase hours for adoptions to include more convenient times for working people to adopt pets. Noting CACC�s figures that show half the adoptions taking place after five p.m., Molinari says he had hoped the upturn would occur if the hours were extended.

The shelter, located at 3139 Veterans Road West, is open for adoptions Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

"I always knew Staten Islanders were some of the most animal friendly residents in New York City," Molinari said in a statement from Borough Hall. "Now that the shelter has expanded its hours and adopting a pet is more convenient, residents here are sa ving the lives of many shelter animals and bringing pets home." Molinari himself rescued and adopted two stray cats late last year.

Adoption fees at the CACC shelter are $60 for a dog and $55 for a cat. Potential adopters must bring identification and the name of a reference, and fill out an adoption questionnaire. The CACC Staten Island shelter can be reached at (718) 984-6643.  Summer Means CAT-astrophe for New York City�s Shelters!

New York, NY, July 8, 1996 -- If it�s summer, it must be cat season. Did you know that an unspayed female cat, with a little help from an unneutered male cat, can produce up to three litters in LESS THAN one year? February to September are a cat�s most fertile time, so with the summer months upon us, New York City�s shelters are overflowing with beautiful cats and kittens for adoption. Unfortunately, with an intake of almost 200 animals per day, there are just not enough homes for them all, and many will end up being euthanized.

The Center for Animal Care and Control, the non-profit agency responsible for the rescue and sheltering of New York City�s homeless and abandoned animals, invites the public to adopt a cat or kitten this summer. The rewards of cat adoption are m any: love and devotion, fun and companionship, and the knowledge that you have saved a life!

The Center for Animal Care and Control has shelters in each of New York City�s five boroughs. For more information, please call 1-(888) SPAY - NYC.

ATTENTION PRODUCERS/ASSIGNMENT EDITORS: The Center for Animal Care and Control can help you produce an adoption segment for your newspaper or tv/radio show. We can, on very short notice, provide an expert spokesperson and adorable adoptable cats to appear on a tv segment, be interviewed on radio, or to be photographed in the press. This gives you an interesting, widely appealing story, and it helps CACC save the lives of countless animals.

Let�s work together to help the animals! JUNE IS CAT ADOPTION MONTH!

New York, June 13, 1996 - The hearts of the world were touched recently by the story of Scarlett, the dauntless mother cat who bravely rescued her kittens from a burning building in New York City.

Thousands of calls and letters poured in from people all over the world wanting to know how Scarlett and her babies were faring, and if could they adopt her or one of her kittens. We at CACC even received calls about this famous cat.

While the interest in Scarlett and her kittens was very touching, it was also somewhat unsettling for those who work in the animal welfare area. You see, many of the people who called wanted to adopt Scarlett or one of her kittens, and only Scarlett or one of her kittens. They wouldn�t consider any other cat, though there are literally thousands of beautiful, sweet, loving, potentially heroic cats in shelters who desperately need loving homes. We see them come through our doors every day, and while the y�re not on tv or in the press, they�re "stars"!

The Center for Animal Care and Control wants New Yorkers to know that June is Cat Adoption Month. CACC has shelters in each of New York City�s five boroughs, all offering wonderful cats (and dogs, for that matter!).

Please consider doing an adoption segment on your program this month, and possibly as a regular feature. You�ll be saving the lives of some terrific animals, as well as educating the public about the joys of companion animals. Future topics could inclu de the importance of spaying and neutering pets, and advice on keeping pets safe and healthy for the summer.

To set up a Pet Adoption segment, in which a CACC staffer will be a guest and bring along adoptable animals, please call Faith Elliott, Director of Public Information, at (212) 442-2073, beeper (917) 762-9411. Let�s team up to help the animals!

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