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Pratt’s Paper Dolls

Most of us learned how to make paper doilies at some point in our early childhood. Take a piece of paper: fold it in quarters, cut it this way and that, open it up, and like magic: a thing of beauty. At least to the eyes of a 6 year old. Take that same piece of paper, think on the Zen side of things, and fold, fold, fold. What little bird, or phantasmajorical animal emerges, comes from the art of origami. Paper pleases. Paper gives us tactile reality, and transforms children of all ages into artists-in-making.

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The Winter Antiques Show in New York City

It’s almost set in stone: the ticket for opening night of The Winter Antiques Show at The Park Avenue Armory in NYC should come with snow boots and fur coats.  The powerhouse names of New York society convene every year, come rain, snow, or lack of towncars at the Armory January 20th for the preview and party for buyers, collectors, dealers, and yes, celebs.  With over 74 prestigious antique dealers from all over the globe, the Winter Antiques Show is the height of where it’s at in this haute world.  And for the opening night party, high fashion is in order.

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Balenciaga: Heartstopping

Balenciaga.  The name sends a frisson of joy to the heart of any fashion heavy in the world.  Design students wish they could have studied with him.  All of us who know his work admire him.  He was a force of nature, drawing upon the cultural heritage of Spain for his design inspiration.  Yet the times influenced his work, and the modernistic approach to line, reinforced with the old world reality of superb tailoring, left us with collection after collection of brilliant pieces.

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