Beating A NYC Parking Ticket

Yes, it can be done! With the expert advice and help of New York Parking Ticket, I beat a NYC parking ticket for “No Standing”. Here’s what happened:

On October 16, 2011, I parked on Greenwich Street in lower Manhattan. I, along with a lawyer, read the parking signs for about 5 minutes before we decided that it was fine to park there on a Sunday afternoon. The immediate area had a series of NYC parking signs including:

– No Standing 6AM – 10AM Except Sunday
– No Standing Except Buses, Metered Parking 3 hr Limit 10AM – 3PM Except Sunday
– Bus Layover Zone, No Standing Except Authorized Buses, 3PM – 7Pm Except Sunday
– No Standing Except Trucks Loading & Unloading 6AM – 10AM Except Sunday
– 3PM – 7Pm Except Sunday
– Other Times No Standing Anytime

To make it even more confusing, some of the signs were in red and others were in white. In NYC, a street parking sign’s level of importance uses the colors Red, White, and then Blue, with Red being the most important to follow.

New York Parking Ticket advised me to take many pictures of the area where I parked and include all the NYC parking signs, street name signs, markings on the street, nearby intersections, and anything else I felt would help prove my case.

Then New York Parking Ticket drafted an affidavit explaining:

1.) Where I had parked,
2.) What my NYC parking violation was for,
3.) Which parking signs were relevant to me,
4.) Why I felt the parking ticket was not justified, and
5.) Requested that the parking violation be dismissed.

I had the letter notarized and mailed it Return Receipt so I had proof of sending and receipt.

I also included a photo showing that the street parking sign could have been addressing the street it is on, or the street perpendicular to the sign.

My Decision and Order letter from the City of New York Department of Finance dismissing the NYC parking violation says:

‘Respondent claims that there was no sign posted where the vehicle was parked. Respondent’s claim is supported by persuasive documentary evidence, clear corner to corner photos as well as credible testimony that there were numerous sign posts without signs attached and no sign matching the one cited on the summons posted anywhere on the block’.

How’s that for a NYC parking ticket success story!

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