New York City Parking Not The Most Expensive

New Yorkers can stop complaining about the cost of NYC street parking, at least for a few minutes. The news just came in that Vancouver street parking is actually the most expensive street parking in North America, at $5.75 per hour.

NYC Parking Ticket

But NYC and Chicago are close behind at $5.00, and then San Francisco at $4.25.

And if you overstay your NYC parking meter? Then you, along with folks in San Francisco, will be paying the highest amount for your NYC parking ticket, at $65 each.

The survey, done by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, showed that:

Hourly Parking Meter Rates

1. Vancouver — $5.75 (lowest rate is 1.00)

2. New York City & Chicago — $5.00 ( NYC’s Greenwich Village is highest while lowest rate is $2.50 in downtown, Chicago’s lowest rate is $1.50)

4. San Francisco — $4.25 (lowest rate is $.75)

Parking Ticket Fines

1. San Francisco & New York City — $65

42. St. Louis, Champagn — $10

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