NYC Muni Meter Changes

Last year, we told you that you could use a NYC Muni-Meter receipt at more than one NYC street parking spot. So if you purchased 3 hours and only used 2 hours, you could still use that receipt for the third hour if you needed to park somewhere else — that also had a NYC Muni-Meter.

NYC muni-meter for street parking

Sadly, that convenience may be changing. The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) is considering changing the rules so that you can use what’s left on the Muni-Meter receipt ONLY at a meter that charges the same rates.

We’re not sure how much this is happening, but the NYC DOT doesn’t want people buying up really cheap parking and then parking in a more expensive area. You can still use a Muni-Meter receipt at multiple parking spaces if you have time on the receipt, but all the spaces have to be at the same parking rates and regulations.

If the change goes through, you could get a NYC parking ticket if you try to trick the system.

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