Christmas Windows/Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf’s has created a Cavalcade of Creatures for it’s respendant holiday windows this season. Always the talk of the uptown crowd, the windows rival themselves each year in blatant superlatives.

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Look At These Hats

Look at these hats that have flown all the way from London, England, via Australia just to grace our shores!

In 2009, Stephen Jones and Oriole Cullen began a curious but timely project for the annals of the renowned Victoria and Albert Museum. Specifically, from Stephen Jones’ (milliner extraordinaire) point of view, overseen by the astute curatorial eye of Ms. Cullen, this show would track and document the wherewithal of the hat amongst us. Fait accomplit: the show Hats:an Anthology by Stephen Jones, wowed them at the Victoria and Albert, and went on to boffo performances in Australia .From then ( 12th Century ) until now (as worn by Brad Pitt and other celeb noggins) hats chosen for their vivacity, their cunning in confection, magic and whimsicality have joined forces in an overwhelming tour de force for the hat.

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Alexander McQueen at The Metropolitan Museum

From the dark and stormy folds of the mind of Alexander McQueen, to the bright and glorious sun of his vision, the current retrospective at the Met is bar none, one of the most overwhelming exhibits that this writer has ever seen. Not just visual, but aural, the process envelops the participant in an experience. Sensory perception required.

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The Easter Parade in New York City

The only place for fashion and people watchers in New York City this coming Sunday is on Fifth Avenue for The Easter Parade.

Don’t run to your local CVS and get a box of peeps to decorate a hat for Easter Sunday. Don’t grab that glue gun and cover a bonnet in jellybeans. And don’t think the only way to have fun on Easter Sunday is by wearing a skyscraper stuck on your head.

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Shellac, the Latest Trend in Manicures

In New York City, if you want to live long enough to tell the tale, you delegate. In my case, it comes down to this: find the experts, and let them handle it. I do my job, you do yours. It works. So with a nail salon, where the manicurists know what they’re doing, it’s easier if I just let them do their thing, and not intervene. It gives me more time to tweet. Or listen to my neighbor’s conversation on her phone.

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Barneys Warehouse Sale, Feb. 17 – March 6

Get thee to Chelsea, if you’ve not experienced the greatest sale since Loehmann’s first opened in the 1940′s. Every year twice per year, the renowned store Barneys has its sale. Everyone knows about it, believe me. This is the last week, the time to go, to get even greater mark-downs, and fresh goods just brought in for the remainder of the sale.

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NYC Fashion Week Runway Looks: Hats of Fall 2011

Trend no longer, hats have hit their stride as a major necessity in our wardrobes. At Fashion Week, there was not the proclivity to slap anything on the model’s heads, but throughout a panoply of shows, stand-outs took the limelight. Hats have it in the accessory field, now and forever.

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Ellen Christine at the Met Opera Feb. 14


Exclusive Preview and Moët & Chandon Champagne Reception on Valentine’s Day

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Pratt’s Paper Dolls

Most of us learned how to make paper doilies at some point in our early childhood. Take a piece of paper: fold it in quarters, cut it this way and that, open it up, and like magic: a thing of beauty. At least to the eyes of a 6 year old. Take that same piece of paper, think on the Zen side of things, and fold, fold, fold. What little bird, or phantasmajorical animal emerges, comes from the art of origami. Paper pleases. Paper gives us tactile reality, and transforms children of all ages into artists-in-making.

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The Winter Antiques Show in New York City

It’s almost set in stone: the ticket for opening night of The Winter Antiques Show at The Park Avenue Armory in NYC should come with snow boots and fur coats.  The powerhouse names of New York society convene every year, come rain, snow, or lack of towncars at the Armory January 20th for the preview and party for buyers, collectors, dealers, and yes, celebs.  With over 74 prestigious antique dealers from all over the globe, the Winter Antiques Show is the height of where it’s at in this haute world.  And for the opening night party, high fashion is in order.

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