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Where to Enjoy Dinner-and-a-Movie in New York City (in One Locale)

How would you like to have dinner and a movie, all in the same place?  Not to be confused with the usual Milk Duds and Diet Coke that is your go-to movie snack, we mean having a serious dinner – think a fried calamari appetizer followed by a steak sandwich and a side of French fries, with a slice of blueberry pie — while you watch your favorite flick.   This latest trend, which is rapidly taking New York City and its boroughs by storm, is both a  modern and innovative take on going to the movies.  What started as a simple concept fostered by an indie crowd of Brooklyn (and other places in the U.S.) has expanded and may soon come to all AMC theaters in Manhattan.

Here are some of the dinner-cinemas in Brooklyn and Manhattan that have seen great success and reviews:

Nitehawk Cinema:

This triplex, first-run movie cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn features tableside food in all three of its theaters (which each feature a different film).  The dinner menu is spectacular, as is its acclaimed Brooklyn chef Saul Bolton.  A variety of small plates and seasonal selections are offered, along with  hearty entrees and a dessert selection.  No reservations are needed but it is suggested that you arrive 30-45 minutes before showtime to place your order and get a good seat.  Food specials are available, depending on the film.  Tickets are $11 for general admission, and $9 for children and seniors.  For a full menu list and movie listings go to:

Location: 136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Phone: 718.384.3980

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