Food Truck Celebration May 22 at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

On Sunday May 22, we have big foodie plans for you: head to Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park, Brooklyn for some of the best food trucks in New York. Brought to you by the NYC Food Truck Association in conjunction with Prospect Park, the Food Truck Rally will be held from 11am-5pm, with dishes representing the diversity of the city’s cuisine and population.

The current participant line-up, as of today, includes:


I am so excited about this one!  Hailing from LA, the Coolhaus ice cream-sandwich truck has finally made its way to New York.  Coolhaus has an “out there” menu of all-natural handmade ice creams of classic and seasonal varieties with flavors like horchata (vegan), dirty mint chip, and lychee martini, packed between two cookies that are equally as creative (think gluten-free peanut butter miso or red velvet, for example).  All this comes wrapped in an edible paper made of potato with soy ink.  How cool is that!

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Another truck shaking up the food truck circuit this summer, Red Hook Lobster Pound now has its own Big Red truck.  With lobster bought fresh from Maine every week, the Pound's lobster rolls are sweet and delicious and served correctly, IMHO, on a J.J. Nissen roll from Portland, Maine. You can add a sweet finale with another Maine delicacy, homemade whoopee pies.

Lobster Truck

Rickshaw Dumplings

The Rickshaw motto is to “do one thing and do it well.”  And, in the case of their dumplings, this is clearly their forte. The funky red truck brings you fresh vegetarian (edamame) and non-vegetarian (chicken, pork) dumplings and a variety of dipping sauces.

Eddie’s Pizza

Red is definitely the preferred color for food trucks, and Eddie’s Pizza is a red standout.  The truck, a midtown lunch crowd staple, with its on-the-go pizza bar, ensures delicious thin-crust, Italian-style pizzas made fresh while you wait.  You can ask for whole-wheat crust or an antipasto salad to help you feel you’re eating something healthy.

Pizza Truck

Souvlaki GR

It’s definitely time for some blue trucks, and the white-and-blue ambiance of Greece is beautifully reflected at the Souvlaki GR truck.  Souvlaki GR takes you back to sunny Mykonos with an overstuffed authentic souvlaki (unlike the many Subway-type clones that have cropped up on American menus), a grilled meat sandwich wrapped in pita and filled with tangy tzatziki sauce, tomato, onion and even French fries. Ask for it with “the works.”  Zorba would be oh-so-proud.

Kelvin Natural Slush

This was my absolute favorite from last year’s Governor’s Island food truck event with one of the longest lines of all (a hint: head there first).  With their distinctive slush flavors including Spicy Ginger, Tangy Citrus or Green & Black Tea, combined with your choice of real puréed fruit, fresh chopped mint and basil, pomegranate seeds and other natural mix-ins, Kelvin’s all-natural slushies are the perfect accompaniment to the day.  If they’re offering their “special” of the day, definitely go for it.  And, happily, it’s another blue truck!

Cupcake Stop

Cupcake mania continues to rule, although we now have many more high-quality choices than just Magnolia Bakery… like the wonderful Cupcake Stop.  Now with their own storefront locations, Cupcake Stop still has colorful roaming trucks that are still an absolute must-visit.  Flavors are ultra-creative: try some of my favorites, Sweet Potato Pie, Elvis, Strawberry Lemonade, and Starry Night.

Cupcake Stop

Milk Truck

If you’re hungering for a taste of your childhood, or if you brought kids with you, the Milk Truck is the place for you. Serving up delicious, fresh grilled cheese sandwiches, the Milk Truck has a varying menu of sandwiches, some purely cheese and others with ham and other goodies thrown in.  They hope you like it, or they’ll have to call themselves Milk Truck for a different reason!

Joyride Frozen Yogurt

What do you get when you combine fro-yo and coffee, with a little bit of chocolate thrown in? A menu to satisfy every New Yorker’s cravings. Joyride offers all-natural Greek frozen yogurt, Stumptown coffee variations, and specialty drinks sometimes spiked with delicious Mariebelle chocolate (another New York City favorite).  Give yourself a true jolt with their caffeinated frozen yogurt (aka "Buzzed") or a version of the Jeffrey Paul, a combination of espresso and hot chocolate made with Stumptown's Hairbender roast and Mariebelle chocolate.

The Frying Dutchman

At the Frying Dutchman you can expect traditional skin-on potato and sweet potato fries, with a choice of 18 non-traditional sauces like pink prickly pear mustard or white truffle and Parmesan cheese.  No kidding. Order ½ potato and ½ sweet potato and let your cravings and creativity take over from there – you can choose from sweet to savory toppings.  I won’t tell you what the truck looks like, but with its two striped colors, you definitely won’t miss it!

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