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Winter In New York: The Highlights

Winter in New York is a magical time of year, and many people’s favorite season in the city. It is cold, and often snowy, but that is part of the appeal, especially for visitors from parts of the world which do not experience seasons in the way we do here. Dark nights, bright lights and the warmth of the city crowds makes New York a really special place to be in winter. Here is our guide to things to do to make the best of the season.

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New York Neighborhoods: a Traveler’s Guide

New York is a city of neighborhoods in a way that few others are. Wander through Manhattan, and you’re taken on a tour through New York’s colorful and diverse history. Little Italy, Greenwich, East Village: all these are names which trip off the tongue of foreign and domestic visitors alike. However, if you’re not from the city, you may not have much idea of what each district is actually like. That’s why we’ve put together this run-down of the best of each of New York’s most famous neighborhoods. Wealthy visitors arriving in the city on cruises from Southampton, and student backpackers on cheap flights from Canada should both find this guide equally useful. Take it, and use it to devise your own walking tour through the heart of New York.

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A British Weekend Tour

If you’re British and have a few vacation days to fly across the pond, then there are a few places that should be on your must-see list – and we’re not talking about the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Ellis Island, as nice as they are.

All Brits are fans of The Beatles (so are we if truth be told) so take the subway and head for 72nd Street to begin your tour.

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