Dining and Dancing in Manhattan, Frank Sinatra Style

Ol’ Blue Eyes is making a comeback on Saturday, September 26, at the 21 Club. Following the trend of retro (and glamorous) dinner and dining set in motion by the re-opening of the Rainbow Room this year, the 21 Club is devoting an evening to the kind of soiree that made headlines both before and after Mad Men days. On Sinatra Night at the 21′ Club, crooner Nick Drakides pays tribute to a former 21 Club regular, Frank Sinatra, right in the Puncheon Room and Gallery where Frank used to dine. The menu will, of course, be Italian in theme, including the singer’s favorite Osso Buco, seafood pasta, and cannolis. Executive Chef Sylvain Delpique spins these with a New York twist and adds more recent favorites like octopus carpaccio and tuna tartare. Reservations are $165 per person for three courses, live music and dancing.  Call 212-582-7200 to book. 21 West 52nd Street.  http://www.21club.com/web/onyc/21_club.jsp

21 Club

And, if you haven’t been to the newly reopened Rainbow Room yet, check out the Brian Newman Orchestra and Ben Patterson trio, playing October 2 and October 9, for two more swanky evenings of dinner and dancing. Check the Rainbow Room calendar frequently for other big band and jazz evenings. 212- 632-5000. 30 Rockefeller Plaza. http://www.rainbowroom.com/dining-entertainment/dinner-and-dancing/?gclid=CjwKEAjwyemvBRDFpN3E5_bs9BQSJAA5n8L26EF1xAb8VGtrP_aTma7zue8M5P2G3kBKAvUATpYA_hoCKvXw_wcB

Rainbow Room

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