First Date Ideas in New York City

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Deciding where to go for a first date can be HARD! You have to take into consideration many factors sometimes including money, weather, the personality of the other person and what you think they will like. A great place for a first date is a place that allows you to converse and get to know if you want a second date with that person.

1.) Hayden Planetarium

Planetariums offer unique entertainment and education. You can stroll thru the displays and chat before you have a bird's eye view of the universe. Many planetariums offer a selection of programs catering to people of all ages. Just think of how romantic star gazing can be, planetariums offer much of the same romantic ambiance and you can take what you learned and use it for conversation for the rest of your date. Hayden Planetarium offers several dining options and is located in the Museum of Natural History.
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024

2.) Paint your Own Pot

If you want to show your creative side and get your hands dirty, Paint your Own Pot is a great place for a first date. You and your date can pick your own piece of unfinished pottery to decorate how you wish. They offer a wide variety of objects, from vases to plate and picture frames to clocks. Not only will you have a great time and get to chat, but you will have a memory from your first date that you can take home with you.
339 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 491-6411

3.) Camaje Cooking School

Learning something together can be a bonding and fun experience. Consider taking a cooking class on your first date and you will be sure that both of you will get some laughs and great food. Many cooking schools offer classes that range from basic to expert in a variety of world cuisines. Camaje is a bistro and lounge as well, so you and your date can grab a drink after you finish your masterpiece.
85 MacDougal Street (between Bleeker and Houston)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 673-8184



4.) Central Park Zoo

Central Park is a great date location in general, however if you want to be sure to have conversation pieces or something to take away first date jitters, head to the zoo inside the park. You can feed seals, penguins and sea lions or pop into the zoo theater on a hot day. There is a restaurant in the zoo or you can picnic on the grass in the park. If you don't feel like coming to Manhattan, the NYC area offers several more options.
64th and Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 439-6500

5.) NYC Farmer's Market

The New York area boasts numerous farmers' markets. Take your date out on a nice day to stroll thru a market and grab some fresh produce or flowers. Not only will you have time to chat but markets are a great place to people watch, at the same time you are supporting your local community. Many markets offer short workshops teaching anything from recipes to sustainability of your environment. Perhaps you can take the food you bought and head home to make dinner together.
Various locations

6.) Go to a Festival

Attending a street or ethnic festival is a sure bet for a GREAT time. There are tons of people to watch along with hundreds of different kinds of food to eat, some of which you may have fun trying to pronounce with your date. Street fairs ignite all of your senses and are sure to start many conversations so you can bet that there will be no awkward silences.
Various locations

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