Dating in New York City

How to Propose to a Man in New York

If you are already the non-traditional type, proposing to your man may be the way to go.

Proposing to a Man

You are a confident, independent girl dating in New York. You are successful in your job and have a great boyfriend. He loves your spirit and together you two are a great team. If you have been dating in New York long enough and feel like the time is right, why not decide to go ahead and propose marriage to him! After all, it fits rather nicely with your personality and what you're about. However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you are making the decision to take the lead in this area:

"A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!"

For thousands of years, marriage proposals have been the man's arena. However, in the past couple of decades, women have been deciding that they can be more involved as well. That being said, you need to make sure you know your boyfriend well enough to know he will not be offended or feel emasculated by your gesture. Take the time to think out the reasons you feel that you want to make the proposal and make sure you are not out of desperation or control.

Sometimes women become impatient dating in New York, waiting for their boyfriend to take the next step. Jumping the gun can be disastrous, so carefully consider the idea of proposing before you do so. Even a seemingly "modern man" can still cling to certain traditions which he feels are important. Obviously if your relationship is working and he seems to really understand the strong, independent part of you, then going forward with your plans will probably work out great.

Think outside the box

Proposing to a man is going to look and feel very different than a man proposing to a woman. It should be about what he likes and in a place where he feels comfortable. While a woman might really like being proposed to in front of all her friends, he might find it embarrassing. Instead of a romantic restaurant, you may need to be at a ballpark during the seventh inning stretch or you may even propose while hiking.

Instead of bringing a ring, you should consider a type of gift he would like -- a dog, a watch, or something else that will last a lifetime — it should be something manly. Also, you should avoid getting down on your knee because it will make him feel awkward and you will only look silly. A face-to-face proposal either sitting or standing is the better way to go. Going the non-traditional route can be done, but just be prepared to consider his needs and wants instead of your own.

Get to the point but have fun

Men like to know the point you are trying to make and then the reasons behind it. Instead of building up your proposal with a lot of flowery language, get to your proposal first and then talk about the reasons why you want to marry him. Let him know the reasons why you felt that you wanted to propose and then give him a moment to think about your question. He may be a little caught off guard, so you need to allow him time to reflect on what is happening to ensure a better outcome for you.

Also, keeping your proposal a little more casual and/or light, with some humor thrown in for good measure, will help break any tension and allow the conversation to flow. This is a big role-reversal and you may have a better outcome by being a little less formal.

Many men may feel extremely flattered to have a woman propose to them. If done right, with some thought put into it, your story could be the one that the grandchildren like to tell the most.

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