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How to Propose to a Woman in New York City

A marriage proposal is a moment she'll never forget. Make it special!

Bart and Allison met when he was 26 and she 24 after she tripped and fell on a busy New York City street. Seems unlikely, but it truly happened. Allison accidentally knocked into one of his friends and Bart decided her clumsiness was attractive enough to ask her for her email address. After a couple of years of dating, Bart decided he had found the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He was quite certain Allison felt the same way. After all, they had successfully navigated the weekends at the parents, were approved of by each other's friends, and had adopted a dog together. The next logical step was to head to the alter and complete what they had begun.

Bart wanted his proposal to be memorable and romantic, but he wasn't sure how to go about it. None of his close buddies could help him out because none of them were married so he began a quest to find out the proper way to propose and to get some ideas on how to go about it. He knew this would be a story Allison would have to tell at parties and to friends for the rest of her life. He did NOT want to become the joke of the family by messing it up and he wanted her to feel special and honored.

Proposal Etiquette

Involve her parents

It is a good idea to inform her parents of your intentions. Although it is not necessary to formally ask permission, you will go a long way in your relationship with her parents -- your future in-laws -- if you include them in your plans. While this may seem an old-fashioned gesture, it will help her parents feel that you want them to be included in the future of their daughter.

Bart called Allison's parents and talked to them about his intentions over the phone. They were elated at the news and gave him some good ideas about how he could propose to their daughter.

Choose the ring yourself

If you are hoping to surprise her, then choosing the ring yourself is essential. By the time you are ready to actually propose to someone, you should already know if she wants an engagement ring or not and a little bit about the type of ring she would like. You can enlist the help of her sibling or close friend to choose the ring that she would like the best. No matter what, if you present the ring with sincerity and if your girlfriend is truly interested in marrying you, she will like what you choose as it will be a testament of your love for her.

Bart ended up giving Allison a simple diamond solitaire which she loved and then she helped choose the wedding band to go along with it.

The setting is key

This is the big moment. Where you choose to propose is just as important as the words you say. If she is someone who likes privacy, then proposing to her at on the jumbotron (big screen) during a Knicks game isn't going to please her. Additionally, proposing during a stressful time of day or right before some large project is due might not work out too well either. Think about what you want to accomplish and how you want her to feel. Plan a time when both of you can be relaxed and a place where she will enjoy and always remember it.

Bart decided to take her to their favorite restaurant and involved the staff in helping to set the stage for his proposal. It went really well and Allison excitedly said, "Yes!"

Say it with style

This is not a moment for an impromptu speech. You'll probably be so nervous yourself that you'll end up saying something to ruin the moment if you're not careful. Plan out what you're going to say and practice it a few times so that you're not fumbling around. That being said, the important thing is to tell her how you feel and to ask the all-important question. As long as you get those two things out you will be fine.

Allison said she was so overcome with emotion she can't recall exactly what Bart said. All she knows is that she said, "Yes!" She was so happy.

-Ella Riez for AllNY.com

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